Coaching Program

This spring we will launch a program that will match interested SVP partners with leadership staff at our grantee and alumni organizations. Partners will serve as “coaches,” offering advice and support to staff members who traditionally access very little in the way of professional development.

Our coaching program will be designed and led by partners with an extensive HR background, and we will provide training and ongoing support to our coaches. This program is one more way for partners with busy schedules to connect directly with our grantees, forging personal relationships that have the potential to be transformative.

Coaches will be expected to participate in a half day training session, and to commit to bi-weekly meetings with the mentees for a minimum of 6 months. Experienced SVP partners will provide ongoing support and be available to serve as a sounding board and mentor for our caching cohort.

 The coaching program will launch in March – stay tuned for details and reach out to Lauren for more details.