Corporate Partners

Our Corporate Partners are a key component of our ecosystem, and we believe that these engagements provide tremendous value for all involved.

For SVP the value add is clear: talented professionals join our team, bringing skill sets, like legal expertise and financial acumen, that nonprofits uniformly need, and rarely have access to.

For our Corporate Partners, we provide an opportunity for volunteerism that goes far beyond the traditional models of cleaning a park or packing lunches for a food bank (all of which are valuable in a different way). Instead, employees have the chance to roll up their sleeves, use their skills and experience, and help nonprofits grow. Because of the nature of our teams, employees have a chance to work with peers from different firms and sectors, broadening and deepening their networks, while building new skills and thinking about issues in new ways. 

To learn more about becoming a Corporate Partner, please contact Jessie.