Introducing OUR “Emerging Organizations Track” Pilot  (E-Track)

Through the course of our work, we have come to recognize that there is a critical gap in the funding landscape in Boston that SVP is positioned to fill. Many organizations led by communities of color do not receive the levels of financial and capacity building support that more traditional organizations receive, despite their impactful programming and strong levels of community trust. To begin to address this need, we are excited to announce the launch of our pilot “Emerging Organizations Track” (E-Track). Our goal is to seek out and nurture these early stage organizations led by communities of color, addressing critical capacity building needs and positioning these high potential organizations for next level funding.

Organizations led by communities of color are well positioned to deliver innovative and insightful approaches, given their proximity to the populations they serve. However, these same organizations are often left behind by conventional funders.

Through a one-time “angel investment” of $10,000, coupled with nine months of skilled consulting, SVP aims to have a major impact on these organizations when they are at an exciting inflection point. Recognizing the different needs facing smaller organizations, our E-Track engagements will be structured to meet organizations where they are and collaborate to facilitate their growth.

This new track will not only benefit emerging organizations. By engaging with different organizations at an earlier time in their life cycle, SVP will ensure that we continue to meet and work with the best nonprofits our region has to offer.

Meet our first E-Track Grantee: Fathers’ Uplift

Our Spring Investment Committee unanimously selected Fathers’ Uplift as our first E-Track grantee. The Investment Committee was struck by Fathers’ Uplift’s community-based approach, its committed leadership, and its ability to reach and impact a traditionally underserved population.

Fathers’ Uplift operates the nation’s first outpatient mental health and substance abuse clinic working directly with fathers and families. Located in Dorchester, Fathers’ Uplift serves majority African American clients, including men who are, or have been, incarcerated. Their holistic approach helps fathers re-engage in their families’ lives. The efficacy of this programming speaks for itself as the demand for Fathers’ Uplift’s services eclipses their current capacity.

Founded by Charles and Samantha Daniels in 2011, the organization grew slowly over the first few years of their existence. Fathers’ Uplift recently saw a major bump up in funding and service delivery when it received a prestigious Draper Richards Kaplan grant in 2018. Fathers’ Uplift was also a grantee with Social Innovation Forum in 2018 and Charles was recently named a 2019 Obama Fellow.