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Generation Citizen believes all students have the right to learn how to effectively participate as citizens.

Generation Citizen inspires civic participation through a proven state standards-aligned action civics class that gives students the opportunity to experience real-world democracy. Through student-driven projects, youth learn how to effect policy change by engaging with local government and leaders to solve community problems.

GC students receive an effective, action-oriented civics education that promotes long-term civic engagement and builds collaboration, communication, and critical thinking skills that students will need throughout their lives. The result is passionate and responsible civic participation that will help create the more active citizenry and more responsive government of our future. 

Generation Citizen’s action civics curriculum is the crux of our work and of both our Democracy Coach-led and teacher-led models. The curriculum is action-based, aligned to relevant standards, and academically rigorous.

It has been published, has received recognition from the National Council of Social Studies, and has been iterated over time with the support of GC staff, teachers, volunteers, and consultants.

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