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Breakthrough Workshop: Building and Maximizing Your Major Donor Pipeline - Hosted by Philanthropy Massachusetts

Building and managing a major donor pipeline is a deliberate and thoughtful process.  The session focuses on relationship science and rapport building techniques, tactical strategies to rapidly build your major donor pipeline, and tools to measure and manage donor relationships and progress toward giving.  This session will provide useful techniques, tools, and strategies that will help participants rapidly build a major donor program.

In addition, this session will demonstrate techniques to more accurately scope and determine the size of a successful major gift ask.  We will discuss a series of qualitative and quantitative questions designed to capture key intelligence about a potential donor. Preparing for a conversation with an individual who has the ability to make a significant gift to your organization requires extensive preparation.  An essential component of this is feeling confident – about the basis for the gift amount being requested.

The session will:

  • Provide strategies and tools to identify, engage, and manage key donor relationships.

  • Illustrate key principles for major gift success through donor stories.

  • Discover unconscious competencies and examples of how we use them intentionally.

  • Empower attendees to “calculate” the size of a major gift ask, based on qualitative and quantitative information.

  • Make attendees aware of the numerous factors that determine an ask calculation.

  • Help you know if you are ready to make the ask.