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Skillbuilding: Federal Grant Writing - Hosted by Philanthropy Massachusetts

The U.S. government awarded $1.833 billion in grants to qualified nonprofits and institutions of higher education in 2018. Of the 98,799 grant recipients, approximately 1.0 million more received rejection notices. Is your organization ready to compete for future federal grants opportunities? Erase the complexity and confusion often associated with federal grants. Rather than relying on corporate or foundation giving, it may be time to seek out potential federal grants.

The intended goals of this workshop are as follows:

  • Demystify the process of seeking federal grants for single awards of $50,000 to multi-year requests of $1.0 million or more

  • Learn to carefully review federal opportunity announcements (FOAs)/request for proposals (RFP) to understand what the government wants to fund

  • Plan ahead for future publication of available federal grants through online resources

  • Understand the process of preparing an average 40-page, single-spaced proposal narrative in less than 15 business days

  • Learn how peer reviewers score your proposal

At the completion of this workshop, participants will be able to accomplish the following:

  • Obtain resources to prepare your organization to be in a position to seek federal funding

  • Organize the proposal narrative based on the review criteria of the FOA/RFP

  • Articulate a needs statement that reflects the local problem supported by statistical data and cited sources

  • Compose the proposed solution supported by documented rationale and best practice models

  • Develop a workplan using a logic model to link outcomes to the community needs, project goal and objectives, and proposed activities

  • Create a detailed evaluation plan with process measures

  • Use advanced grant proposal writing techniques to grab the attention of reviewers

  • Produce an accurate budget and supportive budget narrative

  • Prepare memorandums of understanding or agreement (MOUs/MOAs) and other required attachments in the formats required

  • Commit the resources of your organization to assure proper reporting and adherence to other required policies

This workshop provides learning opportunities for intermediate to advanced (10+ years) grant seekers. The ideal participants will be those with two or more years of experience preparing grant proposals. They will have an understanding how to develop a strong needs statement, goals and outcomes, evaluation strategies, and the budget and justification for the project/program they propose.