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Finding Your Voice Among All the Chatter - Hosted by WEST

We all have an inner dialogue that can sabotage the best of intentions.  Just because we want to say something, doesn’t mean that we are able to. Sometimes our body does something different! Have you ever gone into a meeting determined to speak your mind or prepared to take a stand and when you have the chance, you feel like you can’t? We all have that internal chatter that speaks so loudly it takes over our voice sometimes. Oftentimes, that voice is the voice of other people from our past. Our mind can be very good at recalling instances when we were shut down or shamed paving the path for our body to repeat those patterns.

In this workshop, Andrea will share practices and strategies for you to take that step to speak your voice.  We will explore the historical and habitual patterns we have adopted that have shaped who we are and have the opportunity to reflect on our experience with fellow learners.