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Marva Serotkin

Marva brings over 35 years of experience in health care management and leadership, most recently as President/CEO of The Boston Home.  She has applied this experience to serve and lead the boards of several not for profit organizations.

Marva is Principal of Serotkin Consulting specializing in long term care, affordable housing and not for profit management.  Marva was the President and CEO of The Boston Home, a nationally recognized residence and center of excellence for adults with progressive neurological diseases, primarily Multiple Sclerosis. Marva founded The Boston Home Institute as the research, education and advocacy arm of the organization. A partnership with MIT brings students to develop new assistive technology applications that improve the lives of individuals living with disabilities. Educational programs for health care professionals are sponsored throughout the year.  The Boston Home received national attention for its innovative programs in assistive technology, wellness and spirituality, creative arts and clinical practice.

Most recently, Marva lead the development of Harmon Apartments, an innovative supportive affordable housing development for individuals with disabilities.

Active in many leadership activities, Marva serves on the Board of Codman Square Health Center, Massachusetts Senior Care Foundation and  Harmon Apartments Housing Inc.  She is a former President of the Massachusetts Public Health Association and Massachusetts Senior Care Association.  Marva was honored by the Massachusetts Health Council for outstanding contribution in promoting and protecting the health of the residents of the Commonwealth.

Prior to joining the staff of The Boston Home, Marva was the CEO of the Shattuck Hospital and President of Cura VNA in Plymouth.  Early in her career, she served as a key member of the executive management teams at several Boston hospitals.

Marva received her BA from Boston University and MPH from Yale University.