New Initiatives

We are unveiling a series of new and expanded initiatives, with the twin goals of:

  • Offering expanded opportunities for partner engagement.

  • Deepening and diversifying the offerings we are able to provide to our grantees, and to the broader nonprofit community.

Emerging Organizations Track Pilot

Through the course of our work, we have come to recognize that there is a critical gap in the funding landscape in Boston that SVP is positioned to fill. Many organizations led by communities of color do not receive the levels of financial and capacity building support that more traditional organizations receive, despite their impactful programming and strong levels of community trust.

To begin to address this need, we are excited to announce the launch of our pilot “Emerging Organizations Track” (E-Track). Our goal is to seek out and nurture these early stage organizations led by communities of color, addressing critical capacity building needs and positioning these high potential organizations for next level funding.

Project Database

Our Project Database lists discrete projects that our Grantees have requested support with. It is a convenient way for partners to search independently for one-off projects that fit their skills, interests, and schedules.

This work occurs alongside our core consulting work and makes it easy for Partners with busy schedules to work directly with Grantees.

Centers of Excellence

Centers of Excellence are an opportunity for interested Partners and Grantees to come together and become subject-area experts in a given field related to nonprofit leadership and management. This is an opportunity for learning that brings together senior leaders from our grantee organizations with partners who are interested in building this specific skill set.

The content and delivery of our Centers of Excellence are designed and led by Partners with years of relevant experience, who have been leaders in their respective fields.

 1.  Fund Development U

This will be a reprisal of the highly effective training that was designed and led over the past two years by an independent consultant, Chuck Gordon, and will build on the knowledge library created to offer a second round of training led by experienced SVP partners.

2.  Governance

This will focus on a foundational understanding of nonprofit governance and will dive into questions of best practice and effective strategies for strengthening board        engagement and participation.

3.  Human Resources

This will focus on Human Resource challenges and opportunities that are common across the nonprofit sector. It is designed to give participants a level of knowledge and expertise to more effectively advise on and/or navigate HR issues.